Suicide Stories


Responding to an email with the above 'Subject' Don talked tough and gave him some hard, but sound, advice. "The truth hurts. Those people need to quit coddling him and others like him." Having got his own life together after two failed suicide attempts, Don doesn't fear the 'pain' of life any longer, and says "Change is tough pure and simple. If you follow through...people will ask you what has come over you...and you get your smiling priviledges back."

David finds workplace support

"I have survived suicide and I have a future." The consistent support from management, colleagues and whanau, was important in helping David cope with his illness.

A child's suicide

On the night of Oct. 27, 2000, Jim and Sara found their 12 year-old son dangling by his neck from a chin-up bar in the doorway between his bedroom and bathroom. The horror of that moment lives with them years later. He was in counselling and diagnosed as ADHD. Although his parents suspected he was depressed, the counsellor disagreed. Read more here

How we survived our son's death

Initially some family members isolated themselves, perhaps to try to come to grips with what had happened, or to escape the nightmare. It is extremely difficult to talk about him without being affected by raw grief. Especially around his birthday and Christmas, but all family members visit his memorial regularly.

Survivors of a loved one's suicide

When a family member commits suicide, those left behind often blame themselves for a number of reasons. Anger and feelings of resentment toward the person who chose suicide is common, as is a sense of rejection.

His older sister's suicide left him a wreck

When my sister killed herself, my brother rang me to tell me what had happened. When he said she was dead, I wanted to know how. But when he said she had hung herself, I realised that I didn't want to know after all. The image came into my mind of her hanging there, and it stayed and wouldn't go away.

A dead beat solution

For weeks and months after Collin committed suicide, his friends could talk of nothing else. Why had he done it? Had they failed him? One friend sees a similarity between the casual disregard for life that Collin felt and the perspective of campaigners for voluntary euthanasia.

A widow's story

When Sue went to bed one night, she thought she and her husband Bill would be taking a much anticipated holiday in the near future. But, the next morning, Sue's life and plans were shattered.

He missed the telltale signs and lost a friend

I thought Margaret seemed depressed but she denied it, saying she was all right. When I learned that Margaret had taken her own life by shooting herself. I felt guilty. I also felt angry...

Suicide 'how to' book condemned after man's death

A BBC News report told how retired teacher, Walter Appleby, used the book The Final Exit as a manual to kill himself while depressed after his mother's death.

Bulimia brought Karen to the brink of suicide

Feelings of self-rejection, mistaken judgements about herself and her family, prepared the way for the onset of the disease in her teenage years. Eleven years later, married with two children, Karen was considering suicide. One day she decided that the emotional pain was too great. Her husband and children would be better off without her.

I can make it now

For years my life was a mess. I wore a mask, pretending that nothing was wrong, but I thought about death alot. I started to cut myself and even had some counselling. In the end I was too scared to slash my wrists so I overdosed. I'm glad now that it didn't work.

Tania attempted suicide twice

My fifth and sixth form years were very stressful. My parents fought constantly over the issue of my education. I felt I was responsible for all the fights and ill feeling at home. I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I felt I had nothing to live for and that things would be better for everyone if I weren't around.

Rats and bullies

14-year-old Dawn-Marie Wesley had been threatened and bullied by three girls for weeks. She finally decided the only way to get away from the bullying was to die. Her tragic story was the subject of a documentary and the trailer can be viewed on RealPlayer at Rats & Bullies

Post natal depression brought her close to suicide

Suicidal thoughts snuck up on me like a thief, robbing me of my love for life, dreams of the feature and plans and hopes for my family. This added great strain on our marriage. My GP wanted me to be assessed by a psychiatrist, because despite the medication, I had come very close to committing suicide three times. But each time the plan was upset by someone turning up.

I ignored his cry for help

He was humerous and kind-hearted, but my daughter could not bring herself to marry an unstable alcoholic - no matter how lovable.

Grieving man stops suicide woman

Keith Lane had only been visiting the notorious suicide spot in Eastbourne (Beachy Head) because his wife Maggie had killed herself at the same location the previous week. When he saw a woman running towards the cliff edge, he blocked her way and began talking to her. Mr Lane said: "I just wish someone had been there for her [his wife]." Read the BBC News story here.