But don't people have the right to kill themselves if they want to?

It must always remain the person's own responsibility to choose what they wish to do.

In his book Suicide in America, published in 1982, psychiatrist Herbert Hendin, M.D., says:

"Partly as a response to the failure of suicide prevention, partly in reaction to commitment abuses, and perhaps mainly in the spirit of accepting anything that does not physically harm anyone else, we see suicide increasingly advocated as a fundamental human right.

"Many such advocates deplore all attempts to prevent suicide as an interference with that right. It is a position succinctly expressed by Nietzsche when he wrote, `There is a certain right by which we may deprive a man of life, but none by which we may deprive him of death.' Taken from its social and psychological context, suicide is regarded by some purely as an issue of personal freedom"

However, helping people to deal with their problems better, see their options more clearly, make better choices for themselves and avoid choices that they would normally regret empowers people with their rights; it does not take their rights away.