Terminology usage


The use of words (and pictures) can be powerful...

For example the use of emotive or aggressive terminology (i.e. Anti-Choice Zealots) or the use of real-life photos of aborted babies (i.e. Abortion NO and Priests for Life) are used by those who have a political or social agenda and wish to influence the thinking of others.

When discussing subjects with the potential to have strong emotional responses, care is needed in the use of words and pictures.

This website attempts to steer a central course through the minefields of political correctness, and emotionally charged conflict!

Our editorial team have laboured to chose their words carefully, to demonstrate respect for all viewpoints and we require that our Approved Commentators do likewise.

Terminology Policy

This website aims to speak the truth, and not "beat about the bush".

We aim to avoid using strongly emotive or manipulative language. We aim to avoid the terminology of extremes, but equally we try to speak accurately, and factually.

For example, our chosen use of medical terms for the pre-born child in the early months of pregnancy is deliberate - we use "foetus" (a correct medical term - applicable in most situations) in preference to "products of conception" or "unborn baby" - both of which have a negative connotation to those on either end of the "life" spectrum.

Again, when referring to those who support abortion and to those opposed to abortion, we normally use the terminolgy "abortion advocates" and "opponents of abortion", rather than the more emotive terminology "pro-choice", "anti-choicers", "pro-lifers" and so on.

When quoting other writers and third-party material however, we always quote the original text, without any wording change.

Thank you.