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Real Life Stories

Contributions of stories are welcome from the public.

Stories may use pseudonyms for the purpose of protecting the privacy of people mentioned (and if necessary, the people supplying the story), but material will not be accepted from anonymous sources.

Our journalists can write a story for you, or you may submit a pre-written story for approval. Stories are powerful. They help many people understand the issues they are dealing with when they can hear from others in a similar position.

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Commentaries are welcome on a wide range of topics from pre-approved commentators.

Approved Commentators are either:
  1. people of influence in society - ministers of the crown, religious leaders, media personalities and so on, or
  2. people who have a special interest or a recognised expertise in the life-related matters discussed, or
  3. people who have a position of authority in a particular profession, social circle, group or association - e.g. a medical specialist, a pressure group advocate or representative, the president of a social service organisation, head of department at a government, training institution or university etc
PLEASE NOTE: approves Commentators on the basis of the above criteria only, and totally independently of their particular religious or ideological beliefs. A short biography of the Commentator is always displayed beside each of the commentaries published.

This website accepts commentaries from approved Commentators on

  • specific subjects by invitation (where we request a commentary on a given subject and invite a range of Commentators to respond), or
  • a subject of the Commentator's choice (i.e. the Commentator wishes to speak about a subject of their choice)

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