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Greetings on behalf of The Life Information Website

I'm glad you've made us a visit. I trust you have found this website worthy of your time.

This website is the result of several years planning and of course many, many hours of work by a small group of people. We intend to continue to develop the website still further, as the New Zealand public continue to provide us with feedback - suggestions, constructive criticism and the financial support necessary to progress to the next stage.

This website is unique. As far as we can tell, it is the first website in the world built as a true portal website relating to life issues, rather than what we call a "single dimension" website*. This website aims to present all aspects of an issue, openly, honestly, without passing judgement and as best as possible without the usual bias caused by political, ideological, religious or financial interests.

It is unusual to find such a website on the Internet, even more so when a subject matter is so contentious!

With such widely diverging opinions, it has been hard at times for even our most experienced journalists to establish the truth in some matters, especially when emotions run high or there is major conflict between opposing groups. When this has been the case, we have attempted to steer a course through the middle of conflict, simply presenting all arguments openly and honestly. We have actively tried to avoid making definitive statements, especially when they are not actually required. This does not mean however that we have avoided the subjects - the reverse is actually true as you will see when reading the website.

It has been our vision from the inception of the project to present only the facts, and to speak in an easy-to-read and professional Internet format. We have certainly worked hard to achieve this.


I recently read some comments relating to the controversy over Population Control issues that summarise what we have been attempting to do with the this website (i.e. trying to present all sides of an issue).

In asking the question "Is there a general rule for finding which side of a controversy is correct?", R.L. Sassone says ( Question 109 in the 'Handbook on Population' - Fifth Edition).

"In a complicated controversy, a good way to learn which side is telling the truth is to look at the content of the opposing arguments.

"The side that is incorrect often repeats simple statements supporting their position and avoids mentioning arguments by the opposition.

"This side hopes to win by keeping you in the dark about opposition arguments. [Italics in the original]

"By contrast, the side that is correct will not shy away from mentioning opposing arguments to show why they are incorrect or not relevant.

"They hope to win because you know the opposition arguments but know why they are incorrect." [Italics in the original]
We believe that it is enormously beneficial for the public of New Zealand to be able to establish truth for themselves (with the assistance of a website like this one) rather than to rely on information that may be biased, or that is deliberately kept incomplete.

It has been our firm belief, throughout the development of this website, that people will recognise the truth when it is spoken, and that access to more information will empower them to make wiser decisions than if they have partial information, and therefore have a lesser, or shallower understanding of the issues.

At a personal level, I knew very little about the issues we cover here when the website project first began. As the research work progressed however, and as our journalists presented the material page by page on the website, I have come to learn more about the issues we cover, and commend the website to anyone wishing to "dig deeper".


This website is in a privileged position to be able to present all sides of the issues we cover without bias. We are not a pressure group. We are not funded directly by any business. We are not a political organization. We have no axe to grind other than to present the issues as accurately and as honestly as we can. We are open to correction in any statement of fact on the website and we invite comment from anybody at any time.

In developing this website we have sought to demonstrate respect to all people of all religious, philosophical and ideological persuasions. Our terminology and presentation of the issues has been carefully designed to respect all, (e.g. abortionists, anti-abortion activists, those in favour of euthanasia, and those opposed to euthanasia and so on), in their right to believe in what they do, and also to conduct themselves lawfully in their own communities.

All words on this website have been and will continue to be audited and authorised by a peer review panel to ensure accuracy and the sensitivity required for such contentious issues. We welcome your feedback on any matter, at any time. Our policy is to correct any errors of fact at the earliest opportunity, and to acknowledge all sources of information wherever possible.


On behalf of The Life Information Website, formerly The Life Information Charitable Trust, we thank you again for your moral and financial support.


A single dimension website, is typically that of an organization, company or individual that has an obvious message to "sell".

For example www.telecom.co.nz and www.whitcoulls.co.nz are New Zealand companies presenting their goods and services for sale and would be classified as a single dimension websites.

Relating to the subject matter of abortion for example, both www.plannedparenthood.com and www.voiceforlife.co.nz would also be called single dimension websites, in that they too, both have a message to sell . . . Planned Parenthood is the major provider and defender of abortion in the USA and Voice For Life is a New Zealand based pro-life organization defending the rights of the unborn child.

We call these websites "single dimension", quite different from a "portal" website like this website