What Goes On At Bethany

What happens When I Arrive?
You will be welcomed by the Housemother on duty who will introduce you to the other residents and staff.

One of the residents will become your 'buddy' and will help you to get to know the rest of the household, and the daily routine. Like you, they too felt a little strange when they first arrived at Bethany.

Most of the current residents are teenagers and some are in their 20's.

Money Matters
When you come to Bethany, provided you are aged 16 or older, an application will be made to WINZ for you to go on a benefit. This will cover your board and provide you with a personal weekly allowance.

Please ensure you bring with you three forms of identification, ie, birth certificate, passport, drivers licence etc, something that identifies you. You will also need to provide your IRD Number if you have one.

If you are younger than 16, discussion will be held with your parent/care giver regarding a contribution towards your board and pocket money.

Health Care
You may continue with your own Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) if that is already established. Otherwise you will be in the care of an Independent Midwife. Please bring your current medical records from your LMC who has been looking after you.

Your midwife will arrange for the delivery of your baby at a local hospital.

A Childbirth Educator conducts weekly ante-natal classes which will help you understand what is happening to both you and your baby during pregnancy.

This will also prepare you for labour and birth. If you are on any medication we want you to bring this with you. Please let the Housemother, midwife or nurse know when you first meet them.

Correspondence School
If you are 16 years or younger you will be enrolled with The Correspondence School, giving you the opportunity to continue with your education. Clients 19 years and older will also have the opportunity to do further study.

A trained teacher holds one session each week to oversea your study and will take care of all enrollment details. many young women have continued with their schooling while at Bethany and have achieved some impressive results!

What About Baby?

If you plan to parent your child you can return to Bethany after the birth to take part in the mothercraft programme. During this time you and baby will get to know each other and you will learn something of what being a mum is really all about!

If you are undecided regarding the future, it is a good idea to return to Bethany to make realistic decisions.