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Bethany Centre is a unique service for young pregnant women and their babies, run by the Salvation Army, offering full antenatal and postnatal services.

It offers a comfortable home-from-home enviornment where you'll receive all the care, support and mothercraft assistance you need before and after the baby is born.

The services offered are available either residentially or on a non-residential basis and are as follows:

Life Skills & Education Programme - this includes daily sessions Monday to Friday, involving many different topics relating to pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and life skills.

The aim of this is to improve your self esteem, to give you life skills and parenting skills, to help you with positive decision making in regard to your own and your baby's future, and to link you into support networks for your life as a parent.

Health Care - we have our own Independent Midwife who will yake full care of you are your unborn baby. Your baby will be delivered at National Women's Hospital. Your midwife will continue to care for you and your baby for approximately six weeks after delivery.

Ante-Natal Accommodation (Inclusive of the above services) - this is available at the Centre for as many as 14 young women, and incorporates dormitory style and single room accomodation.

Post-Natal Accommodation, Support & Mothercraft - this being available for seven mothers and their babies, accomodated in single rooms. Support, and mothercraft skills are available as well as education.

Adoption Facility - this is entirely your choice. You will be supported through a decision making process and adoption facilitation, should this be your choice.

Non-Residential Services - for young women who do not require the residential part of the service, they may attend the programme, or just the parts of it that are relevant to them, they may also attend the Centre for health care with the midwives. There is a separate fee structure for this service.

Community services - if required, we can continue to visit young women in the community once they leave us.

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