Considering Abortion?

Take time to think things through

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, the decision is one that no one else should make for you. You can consider others thoughts and ideas, but ultimately they don't live with the final decision - you do.

Most of the time we make decisions based on what is important to us.

The following tips can help you discover your values, beliefs and circumstances and hopefully help you make the best choice for you. This may be the biggest decision you have made, so take plenty of time to think things through.

See My Options for more information on your options.

When there are other factors such as lack of support from the baby's father, family, or financial pressures putting a strain on the woman's emotions, it is hard to sit down calmly and think things through.

Tips for making a decision

Help is available

Imagine a woman choosing an abortion because she was unaware of the caring support and alternatives already available to her.

Research has indicated that 70 percent of women contacting a Crisis Pregnancy organisation and believing they may be pregnant are considering an abortion. Once they find out that help is available, less than 10 percent follow through with terminating their pregnancy.

The first step in getting help is to talk to someone. Go into Google and key in the words: crisis pregnancy + help. Select pages from New Zealand (or your own country) and SEARCH.

The majority of the organisations that come up do not recommend or refer for an abortion, they are there to offer help in continuing with a pregnancy and can advise you of what community help and resources are available. They are non-judgmental if you refuse their help and decide to have an abortion.

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