Possible Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome

warped maternal instincts -- obsessions
compulsions -- constant desire to be pregnant
denial -- alcohol abuse -- drug abuse -- suicide attempts
low self esteem -- regret -- guilt -- depression -- betrayal
headaches -- anger -- flashbacks -- victimized feelings
bulimia -- haunting little ghost -- withdrawal
repressed emotions -- casual sex -- unforgiveness
obsession with due date -- anxiety
hatred of others involved in abortion decision
spouse abuse -- extreme mood swings -- hatred of men
hatred of self -- lesbianism -- anguish -- insomnia
fear of sex -- stomach disorders -- overeating -- miscarriage
sterility -- nightmares -- shock -- frigidity -- crying
child abuse -- despair -- shame -- anorexia -- suppressed grief
backaches -- hear a baby crying
suicidal, especially on anniversary of the abortion
phobias -- distrust -- obsession with date of abortion -- pain -- bitterness
impotency -- feel marked -- desire to replace aborted baby
empty aching arms -- affairs -- work problems -- stress
marriage problems -- sexual problems -- divorce
child behavior problems -- rejection
cannot stand to be around pregnant women or new baby
any and all forms of undealt with self-destruction

Dr Julius Fogel, who is both an OB/Gyn and a psychiatrist, who has performed about 20,000 abortions, recognises that abortion does have a severe negative impact on some:

"There is no question about the emotional grief and mourning following an abortion. It shows up in various forms. I've had patients who had abortions a year or two ago - women who did the best thing at the time for themselves - But it still bothers them.

"Many come in - some are just mute, some hostile. Some burst out crying... There is no question in my mind that we are disturbing a life process.

"Often the trauma may sink into the unconscious and never surface in the woman's lifetime...[But] a psychological price is paid. I can't say exactly what. It may be alienation, it may be a pushing away from human warmth, perhaps a hardening of the maternal instinct.

"Something happens on the deeper levels of a woman's consciousness when she destroys a pregnancy. I know that as a psychiatrist."

Dr J. William Worden, psychologist and a professor at Harvard Medical School stated:

"When I was working at a University health service, I counselled many women who had had an abortion, and frequently they did not realise that the unresolved grief from a previous abortion lay behind what was currently troubling them.

"Abortion is one of those unspeakable losses that people would rather forget."

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While some women who have had an elective abortion have reported experiencing some, even many, of the above symptoms, there is no intent to state that it was the abortion that was necessarily the cause of the symptoms.

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