The Right to Live - by Marilyn Pryor




Chapter 1      The Battle Commences
Chapter 2      Life Before Birth
Chapter 3      Conflicting Values Systems
Chapter 4      Medical Ethics
Chapter 5      The Abortion Juggernaut Sweeps Across the Globe
Chapter 6      Doctor Carries the Banner into Parliament
Chapter 7      The Woolnough Trial
Chapter 8      Single Issue Voting  
Chapter 9      The Turbulent Seventies
Chapter 10    Air Commodore Gill Leads the Second Charge into Parliament
Chapter 11    A Royal Commission Seeks a Solution
Chapter 12    The Battle Rages as the Law is Changed
Chapter 13    The Old Law and the New
Chapter 14    The Media Blitzkrieg
Chapter 15    Repeal
Chapter 16    The Australian Abortion Traffic
Chapter 17    The Doctors Dig their Toes In
Chapter 18    Concessions are Made as Parliament Amends the New Laws
Chapter 19    The Battlegrounds Shifts to Rangitikei
Chapter 20    Repeal Rattles its Sabre on the Hustings
Chapter 21    The Abortion Supervisory Committee
Chapter 22    The Power of the Life Force
Chapter 23    A Strategy for Women’s Liberation
Chapter 24    1981 - The Winning Edge
Chapter 25    The Dynamics Ebb and Flow Across New Zealand
Chapter 26    A Doctor Carries the Banner into the Courts
Chapter 27    The 1977 Beachhead is Overrun
Chapter 28    Beyond the Rhetoric
Chapter 29    A Unique Initiative
Chapter 30    The Borowski Trial
Chapter 31    Nineteen Eighty-Four
Chapter 32    The Least of My Brethren