Published in September 1998
by the NZ Ministry of Health

The booklet was designed for women or couples facing a pregnancy presenting serious difficulties.
It is your right to be given factual information on all the available options. These options include continuing with your pregnancy, with parenting, adoption or guardianship as your choices, or a legal abortion. This information should be carefully considered before making a decision.

The basic facts about the foetal growth and development of your pregnancy are included.
For women or couples who decide to take up the responsibilities of parenthood and require assistance, suggestions about finding helping agencies is included.

Should circumstances prevent you from caring for your child yourself, then adoption or guardianship are other options to be considered.

New Zealand law clearly sets out the grounds under which abortions are permitted. These are listed for your information. The nature of the abortion procedure and its physical and emotional risks are outlined.

Do not feel pressured into making a rushed decision. It is too important.
This publication is not available in hard copy. It is only available on this website in PDF format. HELPING AGENCIES

Your doctor may be able to give you some counselling, and should be able to refer you to other people or agencies. Counselling is available from many agencies. You may want to think about whether you want a special type of counselling, for example with a Christian philosophy or a Maori cultural base. You can discuss this with the agency. Two nation-wide agencies specialising in counselling pregnant women are:

Family Planning Association
Offers confidential, caring, face-to-face counselling in a supportive environment for women making decisions about pregnancy. Whanau and support people are always welcome. More than 30 centres throughout New Zealand, provide an abortion referral service and a wide range of contraceptive choices, information and advi ce. FPA information brochures are available in several languages.
AUCKLAND: Ph: 09 377 5049
WELLINGTON: Ph: 04 499 2036
CHRISTCHURCH: Ph: 03 379 0514
DUNEDIN: Ph: 03 477 5850
In other areas, look in the phone book.

Pregnancy Counselling Services Inc.
Telephone/face-to-face counselling and practical assistance. Free and confidential for anyone worried by pregnancy or distressed after abortion. See phone directories and personal or social services columns of newspapers for 20 local branches’ phone numbers. Call collect 24 hours, seven days.
AUCKLAND: Ph: 09 307 6745
WELLINGTON: Ph: 04 383 5524
CHRISTCHURCH: Ph: 03 338 3057
DUNEDIN: Ph: 03 479 0407

The following agencies provide a referral service, putting women in touch with appropriate counsellors.
Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust
Cnr Great North and Edmonton Roads
Ph: 09 837 2555 (Health Clinic)
Ph: 09 836 6683 (Social Services)

Family Life Education Pasefika
1st Floor 15/23 Station Road
Ph: 09 276 2737
or 09 276 2732

Te Puawai Tapu
Suite 6/30
Courtenay Place
Ph: 04 801 8859

Other agencies
You can find more counselling agencies by contacting a local Citizens Advice Bureau. Look for the number in your telephone book. Your local hospital social work department should also be able to make some suggestions.

New Zealand Children and Young Persons Services (service part of Department of Social Welfare) Information on adoption (Adoption Information Services Unit). Information on benefits and financial support. Look for contact details in your phone book. Information for care during pregnancy

Your Pregnancy book produced by the Ministry of Health. Provides information about what happens during pregnancy and childbirth, and what to expect after the baby is born including information on contraception you can use. Your doctor or midwife should be able to get a copy for you.

Pregnancy Help
Pregnancy Help offers counselling, practical assistance and support to pregnant women, new mothers and their families. Services include pregnancy tests, information, referrals, baby clothes and equipment. Pregnancy Help operates a free and confidential service.
AUCKLAND: Ph: 09 373 2599
WELLINGTON: Ph: 04 499 7279
CHRISTCHURCH: Ph: 03 366 3355
DUNEDIN: Ph: 03 477 3337

Ministry of Health
P O Box 5013
New Zealand

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