About Abortion

History of abortion in NZ

Generally abortion has always been and still is illegal in NZ, except for certain exceptional circumstances. The gradual liberalising of the law and the reduction in the willingness to enforce the law, was due to the sexual revolution in the 1960s, and the UK & USA precedents. Current practice however is that abortion is basically available "on demand", with no authority ? legislative, medical or legal, prepared to enforce the law. (Includes a life.org.nz FEATURE)

History - Global

The UK Abortion Act passed in 1967, legalising abortion paved the way for abortion law reform in countries world-wide. A legal ruling (Roe vs Wade, 1973) established that abortion was a constitutional right in USA. Strong political pressure has been applied globally since by organisations supporting abortion on demand such as IPPF, Population control groups, ensuring that abortion has become widely available. (Includes a life.org.nz FEATURE)

Post Abortion Syndrome

Women who have experienced trauma resulting from an abortion are said to suffer from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Symptoms, examples and case studies of women with PAS are detailed at length by those opposed to abortion, as reasons why abortion is wrong. The existence of PAS is hotly denied however, by those who conduct or support abortion, where symptoms are often attributed to other causes, pre-existing conditions, or are simply ignored.

Helping Men Heal

Many women experience their abortion in isolation. However men too struggle with grief. To see a man repentant and openly grieving for the loss of his child in a group setting can be healing for many women.

A man may also have to deal with his failure to protect and care for the mother and child. A man in a relationship with a woman who has had an abortion previously, may be unprepared or may struggle to deal with Post Abortion reactions.


There is enormous conflict worldwide over a woman's right to choose abortion compared to the rights of an unborn child. Heated words and even extreme or violent actions occur between those with differing opinions. Enormous financial, commercial and ideological interests are involved and there is deceit, clever and manipulative use of terminology within many political, medical and other sections of society as the issue of abortion is "fought".

Methods of Abortion

Most abortions are carried out towards the end of the first trimester (three months) of pregnancy. While surgical abortions are the norm, a relatively new development is what is termed "medical" or chemical abortions. These are methods are all explained....

Abortion documentary

This FRONTLINE documentary (filmed 1983 at a USA abortion clinic) gives a real insight into an abortion. An abortionist & clinic staff (representative of typical USA abortion clinics) speak of their work. Two girls (single, white and young) tell their stories and are filmed before, during and after their abortions. "Pro-lifers" outside also present their case including the alternatives to abortion that are available.

Alternatives to Abortion

When a woman first realises that she is unexpectedly pregnant, it can be a time of great emotional turmoil. While she may feel shock, there may also be an a feeling of joy. At this time her hormones are subjecting her to an emotional rollercoaster and there may be outside pressures. It is important that she takes the time to calm down and come to terms with the idea that she is having a baby.

The Silent Scream

"The Silent Scream" is the title of a video that stunned many, which for the first time showed the abortion of a 12-week old foetus - as it happened in the womb. Planned Parenthood Federation of America published a critique alleging that the video was misleading. The US National Right to Life Committee then issued their own detailed rebuttal of the critique...

NZ Statistics

Information and Graphs of the 2005 NZ abortion statistics

The implications these 2005 statistics have for New Zealand