Media Key Issues - Abortion

Political Correctness & Verbal Engineering

Words, terms and phrases are evolving and may mean different things to different people. With the development of political correctness (PC-speak) it can be difficult to grasp the real meaning behind the words. Verbal engineering can be used as a political tool to bring about social engineering.

Publishing Problems

A human embryologist, of more than 25 years experience, wrote a rebuttal concerning biological errors published in National Review article written by a developmental biologist. After having his manuscript rejected out-of-hand by National Review he tried other scientific journals, magazines and newspapers. In all, he was rejected 18 times over three years before finally finding a publisher. He was also prevented from speaking about his experiences - in trying to be published - at a conference on "Peer Review".

Media Bias

Two of the most notable slogans by media guru Marshall McLuhan were "the medium is the message" and "all news is fake." Pulitzer-prize winner, David Shaw said, "It's not surprising that some abortion-rights activists would see journalists as their natural allies. Most major newspapers support abortion rights on their editorial pages, and two major media studies have shown that 80% to 90% of U.S. journalists personally favour abortion rights."

Media Bias Alive & Well

Trusted magazine analyzes condoms, refers readers to Planned Parenthood to eliminate 'uterine contents'

Bias in reporting

The media are frequently accused of being 'liberal' and biased when reporting on morality issues.
True... or False?