Men as victims - no reproductive choice

In Western societies women's rights largely prevail over those of men and children. This is nowhere more evident than in the issue of abortion.

  • There are two types of killing sanctioned by the Western world - warfare and abortion.
  • Some men are victims of abortion abuse and suffer grief, anger, and a general sense of impotence about their lives.
  • Men are systematically denied the right to be involved in life-or-death decisions affecting their unborn children.
  • When men promote abortion they are seen as uncaring, insensitive and selfish.
  • When women chooses abortion she is seen as exercising her 'right.'
  • Men's rights groups say that men should be able to terminate their responsibility to an unwanted child, just as a woman can.
In Sex, Lies & Feminism, which can be read online, Peter Zohrab of the New Zealand Equality Education Foundation devotes a chapter to what he calls The Choice/Abortion Myth. The Chapter begins with the following words:

"The Choice/Abortion Myth is a dramatic illustration of how the rights and power of women in Western societies take precedence over the rights of men and children, respectively. The Abortion Myth is the first part of the Choice/Abortion Myth. The Abortion Myth has it that abortion is not murder, because the people it kills are not people.

While Zohrab sees the de-humanisation of children being "most developed in the case of unborn children," he points out that mothers who kill their babies and young children are usually treated leniently by the Law in Western countries. He compares the two events saying, "...we may be seeing the gradual extension of "abortion" to children who have already been born."

Zohrab points out that women regularly 'rob' the father of his child, one he may not even have been aware existed before the abortion. If, on the other hand she doesn'tchoose to have an abortion, then "...he is saddled with a child whom he has to bring up, or whose upkeep he has to subsidise willy-nilly -- and he may have thought that she was infertile or protected by contraception." 

He goes on to state that there are two forms of killing that all Western societies permit -- warfare and abortion. "Warfare is when people (mainly men) risk their lives to kill other people (mainly men) for the benefit of the whole of their Society. Abortion is when women risk very little to get a defenceless person killed for their own selfish benefit. This illustrates superbly clearly how modern Western societies are centred around the needs of women, to the detriment of everyone else."

Powerless to protect
An article by Dahlia Lithwick, Dad's Sad, Mad: Too Bad! highlights the debate about a Father's rights regarding abortion. It refers to a Philadelphia (U.S.A) court ruling on Aug. 5, 2002, when the judge overturned a decision that temporarily barred a woman from having an abortion because of the objections of her ex-boyfriend.
They advocate that men should be entitled to a reproductive "choice", and should be allowed to terminate their parental rights and responsibilities, just as a woman can unilaterally, at present.

They state that the father should legally have an equal say with the mother in any decision relating to abortion. This is because the father's wishes have equal status with the mother's wishes, and both parents tend to have an equal financial, moral and legal responsibility for any child that is born.