Practising Psychologist

 “When I was on the table the doctor mentioned to the nurse that my baby was more advanced than he had anticipated. When I heard him say ’15 weeks’, I was in shock. But in a few minutes it was all over.

"I turned over and saw a bucket of blood, and my baby was lying in the bucket of blood. And the baby was not an inch big, it was as big as my hand – it was a real baby. 

"All I could think of was that I had murdered my baby. 

"I started deteriorating emotionally that night. Over the next month I cried, but they were not normal tears – I cried from the bellows of the earth. I remember leaning at the top of my staircase wishing I could throw myself to the bottom. I remember thinking of climbing onto the roof and jumping off. 

"I thought of every method of suicide and tried to summon up the nerve to do it. My husband blames the whole thing on the abortion. Certainly our lives crumbled from that point. 

"As a psychologist, I have had referrals and seen women in my practice, who have had the same reaction as I had. It seems to me that almost no attention is paid to the psychological disaster that happens to so many people through abortion. 

"Abortion is not something that was developed, or invented by the women’s movement. I think they have been terribly deceived and misunderstand what abortion actually is.”

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(Transcribed from the “Eclipse of Reason” video)