Perforated Uterus

“The doctor didn’t tell me anything abut a D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) being dangerous. I wasn’t told about any risks! I wasn’t told one word about how my uterus could be burst through.

"When I looked at my colostomy bag, it really upset me. I hated to be around a lot of people, except for my family. There are so many embarrassing sounds from the colostomy, you think people can smell you, or hear the gasses coming out.

"Now I have been told that if I have another baby, it could probably kill me.

"I would never have had the abortion if I’d known these terrible things could happen to me. It’s not worth going through. Sometimes I sit back and think about what happened and all I can do is just cry.”

(Transcribed from the video: “Eclipse of Reason”)