Jennie's baby

My wife and I were at a beach wedding at Piha. We were talking to a young couple who proudly showed us their two-year old daughter: “This is our lucky baby.”

They told us that after being married for five years, tests revealed that they wouldn’t be able to have children. They registered with CYPS for adoption, but there were so many other childless couples seeking to adopt, the odds seemed against them.

They regularly attended a large Pentecostal church and one Sunday, a team from SPUC gave a presentation on abortion and healing. 

A few weeks before this presentation, the couple had discovered that one of the teenage girls in the church was pregnant. The had approached one of the pastors and asked if a discreet approach could be made to the girl, about arranging an Open Adoption.

The girl tentatively agreed, but revealed that she was under severe pressure from her mother to have an abortion. During the presentation the next Sunday, the couple could see the mother and her daughter listening intently. 

The pastor again talked to mother and daughter. Mother was still strongly for an abortion, but the pastor could sense the possibility of a change of heart if she met the young couple.

The meeting took place and the couple explained how they could care for the baby (Mum’s grandchild) and the birth mother would be able to visit and see her child grow up. “We told the mother and birth mother that we would tell the child: ‘You are a gift to us and your mother was so brave. She couldn’t look after you, but she wanted what was best for you.’”

The mother was very dubious, but since the pastor was involved and her daughter seemed agreeable, she went reluctantly went along.

How did things work out? “It’s been great, we now have the daughter we never thought we would have. Jennie keeps in touch and get’s to see her whenever she wants. She knows she has given us this wonderful gift – and her mother just dotes on her grandchild!”