Cheryl's Story

I was seventeen and living in Auckland when I got pregnant for the first time. The baby’s father told me to have an abortion, because he wasn’t old enough to be a father.

My parents were really my grandparents, because they had adopted me when my mother got pregnant. They said that having raised me they were too old to start over again. I took all this in and it seemed that there was no other option but to have the abortion.

Just over a year later, I suspected I was pregnant again. I saw an advert for Pregnancy Counselling Services and talked to the woman on the phone. She sounded very kind and suggested I should go to the Family Life Pregnancy Centre for a pregnancy test.

She even picked me up, drove me there and arranged everything.

The test was positive. I was eight weeks pregnant. I told the woman I couldn’t have it.

She asked me if I would like to watch a short video showing the development of the baby in the womb. I didn’t really want to, but I couldn’t find the right words to say “no”, and ended up reluctantly agreeing to watch the video.

When I saw the tiny seven-week old baby put its thumb in its mouth, I knew that my baby was real. There was no way I could go ahead and kill it.

I told Tony that I wasn’t going to have the abortion, so he got really mad. He is Samoan and didn’t want to have to tell his mother what had happened. I said: “Too bad about your mother’s feelings, I’m having this baby.”

I didn’t have a good job and my morning sickness was getting worse, so the Family Life Pregnancy Centre found me somewhere to live and sorted out my benefit.

When Tony finally realised that I was not going to have an abortion, he had second thoughts and started coming around to see me. He still didn’t tell his mother until late in the pregnancy, but when my time came he drove me to the hospital and was there for the birth of our son.

He had a place of his own and we set up home when I left the hospital. It’s funny how people change. He definitely didn’t want to be a dad, but now he is so proud of his son.