Stacie's story

When 13-year-old Stacie arrived home from school she was met by her next door neighbour... "Stacie, your mother is not home, she's at the abortion clinic killing her baby."

When I spoke to mom later that evening, she told me about a teenager gone crazy. This child refused to go to school, refused to obey her parents, and for all practical purposes - just quit living.

School problems began. Stacie had been an "A" student. Truant officer visits began, then a threat to remove this child from the home.

Stacie begged her mother to have another baby; mom tried but did not conceive. Stacie started sneaking out to see a 16-year-old boy. Very soon she was pregnant. The parents let them get married when they finally accepted the fact that nothing else was going to work.

This girl had made it very clear that the baby she grieved for was going to be replaced. She had a healthy little boy.

But, it is impossible to replace a child. Every child is a unique human being and cannot be replaced. Stacie still has problems over the baby that is not there.

How many other teenagers have felt the same way? High teen pregnancy - why? Why should we expect young teens to think differently than this one did?

Her sibling was destroyed. She hurt! She wanted that baby. Why not get another baby to take its place? She knew how - our schools make that fact very clear to our kids.