Ava's story

Ava was engaged, with a teenage daughter, and had an abortion because the guy left her and she had no one to turn to. Ava told me that she was at her wits end and did not know what to do with her 13-year-old daughter.

The police had called her and said that they had locked "Jane" up for the second time on disorderly conduct charges because she was drunk.

As Ava talked, I asked her when this behaviour had started. She told me the best she could remember was early in June. I said, "Ava, that is less than a month after you told me you had your abortion. Did `Jane' know about the abortion?"

Her answer was "Yes, she was very upset over it." As we talked, it became very clear that this teenager was acting out as a direct result of not being able to handle the death of a sibling.

Jane had never been a problem to her mother before, nor had she been a problem at school, until the abortion.

Ava was like so many others, she was so wrapped up in her own grief over the loss of the baby, that she failed to see the grief of her daughter.

It took a lot of counselling to reach anything resembling peace in the lives of this mother and daughter.