"It's not a chicken or something, it's a baby!"

Tina was a 14-year old schoolgirl in West Auckland, living with her single mother. Sexually-abused by a neighbour at eight, she was angry and wilful, challenging her mother and frequently running away from home.

Barry was 20, with a fairly well-paid job and a sports car. He felt inadequate around girls of his own age, and intuitively sensed the vulnerability of Tina when he met her at a party.

She was flattered by the attention of an older man. He skilfully cut her off from her friends and introduced her to alcohol, drugs and sex. When she became pregnant, he insisted she have an abortion. 

Tina argued with him because she knew this was a baby and she believed it would be wrong to kill it. 

"It's not like it was a chicken or something, it's a baby," she told Barry. He told her he wasn't old enough to be a father and threatened to 'dump' her if she didn't have the abortion.

Tina confided in her mother, who offered her support to keep the baby. An extended family member volunteered guardianship, which enabled Tina to keep close contact with her baby and continue with her life.