A Healing Experience

I remember thinking when I first heard of Project Rachel how wonderful it was that at last there was a place for women who had suffered the unimaginable loss and grief of abortion- a place where they would be heard, understood and healed.

My sorrow ran so deep that I didn't think Project Rachel applied to me even though I'd had an abortion 30 years ago!! Going on the retreat was the most significant experience of my life.

There was an outpouring of love and understanding from the people who helped me on that journey and I was at last able to come to terms with what I'd done and accept the forgiveness that had always been there ready to embrace me.

In 30 years not a day went past that I did not mourn and grieve for my lost child and the opportunities I'd denied her in life. The retreat gave me the opportunity to love her as I would have wished and to know that that was what she wanted more than anything.

I also learnt that she was safe happy and ever ready to embrace and forgive me. The retreat gave her back to me and she is a real presence today.