"Thank you for saving my baby"

As a crisis pregnancy counsellor I talked to many people, but Linda really stands out.

One afternoon, I was talking to a young man whose wife was pregnant and wanted an abortion. He was one of seven children, he loved his wife Linda, and didn’t want her to abort their baby. I gave him my home phone number and suggested that Linda give me a call.

She did ring up and we talked for an hour. Linda already had a daughter and son, and felt that her family was now complete. She said she loved them totally and did not want to have to share her love and attention with another child.

I said a silent prayer, then we had a serious talk about her dilemma and I asked her to call me back when she had thought things over. I said: “Look Linda, I’m going to be here for you.”

A week later she called up and we rehashed all the old arguments. I listened and offered suggestions, but at the end of our long conversation, I was emotionally wrung out. There was this nagging sense of failure, I had “lost” it.

Many months later, I was answering questions at a pro-life booth at our local Agricultural & Pastoral Show, when a young woman with a man, two children and a baby in a pushchair, approached me and said: “Are you…...?”

I said: “Yes, do I know you?”

“I recognised your voice,” she smiled.

In the pushchair was the baby Linda had believed she didn’t want.

"Thank you for saving my baby," she said.

I saw them many times over the next few years and always marvelled at how Linda and her husband doted on their third child. I also saw how his older sister and brother loved their little brother.