Abortion Stories

My Down Syndrome - My Brother

This kid was a real pain in the a**, but he brought our family out of our self-centered existence and made us more loving and more real.

Teen Dads

As a Teen Dad, Tyler is almost by definition not supposed to be a good dad. "If [her pregnancy] hadn't happened, I'd still be at my mate's and without a job. Now I've got a fulltime job and a decent car."...

A Spineless Wimp

Shaun could only think how a baby would ruin all the plans he had for his life so he let Maria go ahead with the abortion.

I Knew My Baby Was Real

When I saw the video of the tiny seven-week old baby put its thumb in its mouth, I knew that my baby was real. My boyfriend said he would dump me if I didn't have the abortion. What I really needed was help...I needed someone to be there for me...

A Mother's Story

When my daughter was fifteen she missed her period. I took her to the doctor and found out that she was about 6 weeks pregnant. I told her that I would help her and she could do this. She was sure that her boyfriend and his family wouldn't be very happy, and they were not. His family tried to pressure her into an abortion but she was refusing.

Dominic's Story

I would not be here if my father's life had been cut short in his mother's womb. Of course my brother and sisters and all their children would not be here either. Due to abortion, potential family lines are foreclosed.

Susan's Story

I got pregnant myself in the 6th Form, and even now I can't imagine how I allowed it to happen. Looking back, I can see that many teenage girls are so vulnerable. I’ve been honest with my kids about what happened. I want them to be prepared and to resist peer pressure at school.

A Practicing Psychologist

I thought of every method of suicide and tried to summon up the nerve to do it. My husband blames the whole thing on the abortion. Certainly our lives crumbled from that point.

Sarah's Mum

Sarah is a beautiful, happy little girl and her adoptive parents love her very much. They told me how grateful they are that I chose them for Sarah.

It Happened in Church

We told the birth mother that we would tell the child: 'You are a gift to us and your mother was so brave. She couldn't look after you, but she wanted what was best for you.'

Pregnant at 17

'Penny' dreaded the possibility of her parents finding out and was terrified of giving birth alone, so she had an abortion...

How Lucky to be Chosen

I can't believe how lucky I am: Adopted two weeks after my birth into a loving caring family with two older sisters and, four years later, a baby sister...

Jeanette's Story

I am a mammography technician and medical educator by profession. Five years ago, I found my own breast cancer on my films...

Joanne Faced Pregnancy

I was a nurse aged 24, attending a party with my boyfriend. The last thing I clearly remembered was drinking a glass of Lemon and Paeroa, unaware that he had spiked it. Soon after, I found I was pregnant...

A Rite of Passage

Julia Black's TV documentary My Foetus was the subject of much controversy in 2004 when it was shown in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. An Australian newspaper published a letter from Ginger Ekselman about her own abortion. Ginger looked on abortion as almost a 'rite of passage.' It was only as she was slipping into unconsciousness from the anaesthetic that she thought, "I'm killing my baby"... but it was too late.

Anencephaly Organ Donation

My child was diagnosed as anencephalic. Abortion was not an option. While I can fully appreciate the grief of parents in this situation and their desire to bring good out of the situation, I still oppose the taking of organs from anencephalic children.

Tina's Story

Pregnant at fifteen to an older male who was putting pressure on Tina to have an abortion.

Other People Make a Difference

Helen's mother and boyfriend were adamant that abortion was the solution to the unexpected pregnancy. A friend counselled her to slow down and think. She took time to find out what help was available.

Stories Wanted

We invite you too, to submit your real-life stories. As most of our submissions report negative outcomes to an abortion experience, we are always looking for stories where abortion has had a positive impact. You can submit your story here

Abortion Caused Impotence

He talked his fiance into having an abortion. After they married he quickly lost his ability to 'perform' and had been unable to consummate the marriage. A psychologist pinpointed it to the abortion.

A Retired GP Remembers

When confronted by a request for an abortion, I found that at least 30 minutes was required for a reasonable discussion. My policy in the surgery has always been that the woman doesn't need to decide today. 'Let's talk it over and then come back after a week and have another chat.'

He Asked to See the Aborted Fœtus

In New Zealand as a student from China, Kim did not want to have an abortion but her boyfriend insisted. After finding she had not gone through with it, he took her himself and afterwards wanted to see the fœtus so he could be sure the abortion had been carried out.

Perforated Uterus

"The doctor didn't tell me anything abut a D&E being dangerous. I wasn't told about any risks! I wasn't told one word about how my uterus could be burst through."

Former Clinic Director

I felt disgusted at myself... to my horror I realised this is a baby coming out in pieces. I got so upset, that I just couldn't continue. I walked out and never entered another abortion clinic again.

A Pregnancy Counsellor's Story

Linda already had a daughter and son, and even though her husband wanted the baby, she felt that her family was now complete. She said she loved them totally and did not want to have to share her love and attention with another child

To My Birth Mother

"Thank you.
I pray that you are well. I pray that you are comforted by the knowledge that your sacrifice has allowed me to grow up in a family that was able to support me."

Lowest Point of her Life

Sharon Osbourne says her abortion at 17 was the worst thing she ever did. Troubled by the traumatic ordeal she turned to alcohol and sleeping "...with men whose names I didn't know."

A Man's Copout

It's difficult living with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. But nothing is more difficult than living with the fact that at a time when you could have saved a life, you didn't do what you knew was the right thing.

Baby's Head Left Behind

A British woman who had an abortion later discovered that the unborn child's head had been left inside her. "I looked in the toilet and saw this lump that seemed to have a bone in it. So I showed it to my former partner," said Chambers. The 'lump' turned out to be the child's head, four centimeters across, with distinguishable eyes, nose, mouth, and even ears.

Norma McCorvey

Norma McCorvey - the former "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade, in the USA, speaks of her experiences working in an abortion clinic.

30 Years to Heal

In 30 years not a day went past that I did not mourn and grieve for my lost child and the opportunities I'd denied her in life. The retreat gave me the opportunity to love her.

I Have This Ghost Now

New York journalist and abortion activist Linda Bird Francke's account of her abortion. "Though I would march myself into blisters for a woman's right to exercise the option of motherhood, I discovered there, in the waiting room that I was not the modern woman I thought I was."

Stacie's Story

When 13-year-old Stacie's mother had an abortion, Stacie's behaviour quickly deteriorated. She begged her Mum to have another baby but when that didn't work she started sneaking out and soon became pregnant herself.

Ava's Story

Ava was engaged, with a teenage daughter, and had an abortion because the guy left her and she had no one to turn to. Ava was at her wits end and did not know what to do with her 13-year-old daughter who had suddenly begun behaving badly.