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Suicide, Abortion, Euthanasia & Life issues

Suicide, Abortion & Euthanasia are matters of life and death!

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This website is a New Zealand resource for life-related issues. We invite you to browse on through, for the answers to all your questions...

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While suicide can be a "taboo" subject (especially in state schools and mainstream media), many people know of someone who has taken their own life (or may have tried to).

Global statistics show a trend of increasing suicide rates and seem to emphasise high youth suicide. This alerts us to a need to be able to recognise the warning signs, to know how to help a friend, and to know how to deal with the aftermath of a suicide.

New Zealand Government Agencies have clear policies on the best strategy for the prevention of suicide. These have not always been accepted by some professionals involved in suicide prevention.

With a gradual move towards establishing a legal "Right to Die", suicide will become even more of a contentious issue in New Zealand.


Euthanasia is and will continue to be a "hot topic" with two past unsuccessful attempts (and future political efforts planned) to legalise Euthanasia in New Zealand.

Click through to a History of Euthanasia in New Zealand and globally. Explore the current NewZealand and Global laws. Read thoughts from the MedicalProfession. Find out how particular Terminology and Media Bias is used to influence others.

Euthanasia is not a simple matter, and like Abortion, it can be a highly emotive subject. Pain Management, Palliative Care, Ethical issues, Religious and philosophical beliefs are all factors in this complex subject.


Abortion is one of the most contentious subjects in the world today. Conflict rages between "Pro-Choicers" and "Pro-Lifers" on almost every aspect conceivable - Post Abortion Syndrome, informed consent, the Breast Cancer link, Media bias, possible risks and complications , abortion related deaths ... to name a few.

Many factors have an influence on our thinking about abortion including philosophical and religious beliefs, powerful political & financial interests, ethical issues, the medical community and how the subject of abortion is presented by the media.

Particular terminology (foetus - baby - product of conception etc) is used to influence our thinking by abortion advocates and opponents of abortion alike.

Click through for one of the largest, most thorough resources on the Internet ... including, real-life stories, a comprehensive FEATURE on the history of abortion in New Zealand, a FEATURE on the history of abortion globally, plus hundreds of pages detailing every single aspect of abortion you can think of.

A nursing student, in August 2012, reports being led to believe that assisting in abortion, and assisted suicide should it become legal, is not a matter of conscience. NZ law states otherwise.